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Abe, K. et al. Measurement of muon antineutrino oscillations with an accelerator-produced off-axis beam. Physical Review Letters, 116, 181801. (doi: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.116.181801)


Benardou, A., Hughes, L. and Konstantelos, L. Saving the Centenary’s digital heritage: recommendations for digital sustainability of First World War community commemoration activities. [Key Findings]

Brennan, M. and Archibald, P. The economic cost of recorded music: findings, datasets, sources, and methods. [Key Findings]

Britton, D. Search for the Standard Model Higgs boson produced in association with top quarks and decaying into a $b\bar{b}$ pair in $pp$ collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ = 13 TeV with the ATLAS detector.

Brown, C. , Green, T. and Mair, J. Religion and Scots law: Key findings. [Key Findings]


CLEO Collaboration, , Artuso, M., et al, and Britton, D.I. Measurement of the tau lepton lifetime. In: 27th International Conference on High-energy Physics, Glasgow, Scotland, 20-27 Jul 1994,

CLEO Collaboration, . and , Measurement of Hadronic Spectral Moments in tau Decays and a Determination of alpha-s. In: ICHEP 1994, Glasgow, UK, 1994,


Duguid, T. United States Music Schools Survey 2019. [Key Findings]


Evans, J. , Cullen, B. , Broomfield, N., Murray, H., Pownall, J., Cummings, J., Baylan, S. and Haig, C. Brief positive psychotherapy after acquired brain injury: a pilot randomised controlled trial (the PoPsTAR study). [Key Findings]


University of Electronic Science and Technology of China Method for improving spurious free dynamic range (SFDR) and signal-to-noise-and-distortion ratio (SNDR) of capacitor-resistor combined successive approximation register (SAR) analog-to-digital converter (ADC) by capacitor re-configuration. .

University of Electronic Science and Technology of China Method of arranging capacitor array of successive approximation register analog-to-digital converter. .

Findlay, J. The economic benefits of public sector provision: A report commissioned by the National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers into life-line ferry services in the Clyde and Hebrides. Project Report. RMT.


Grilli, S., Ferraro, P., Sansone, L., Tiribilli, B., Vassalli, M. and De Natale, P. Fabrication of 2D Sub-micron Structures in Lithium Niobate for Photonic Crystal Applications. In: Optics and Photonics 2005, San Diego, CA, USA, 31 Jul - 04 Aug 2005, p. 593107. (doi: 10.1117/12.617106)


Jess-Cooke, C. "The Sky Beneath Our Feet" - Canto 4, Poem of the North 4.10, Northern Poetry Library. [Website]


Konstantelos, L. and Hughes, L. Digital Sustainability Review of HLF-Funded Projects. [Key Findings]

Konstantelos, L. and Hughes, L. Sustainability of Digital Resources Framework (SDRF). [Key Findings]

Konstantelos, L., Hughes, L. and Kilbride, W. The bits liveth forever? Digital preservation and the first world war commemoration. [Key Findings]


Lehmann, E. et al. Material Model Identification for DC04 Based on the Numerical Modelling of the Polycrystalline Microstructure and Experimental Data. In: 15th Conference of the European Scientific Association on Material Forming, ESAFORM 2012, Erlangen, German, 14-16 Mar 2012, ISBN 9783037853665 (doi: 10.4028/


Mair, J. , Mordaunt, E. and Wasoff, F. Built to Last: The Family Law (Scotland) Act 1985 - 30 years of financial provision on divorce. [Key Findings]

McCutcheon, V. , Barr, M. and McHugh, A. Engage Project: Key Findings. [Key Findings]


Nicolson, L., Rodgers, J. , Dowell, F., Nasir, L., Evans, N. , Robinson, J. and Hammond, J. Personal development plan case study. [Key Findings]


Snitar, C. The Efficiency of Surveillance in 1950s Communist Romania between Myth and Reality. BASEES Annual Conference, Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge, UK, 13-15 Apr 2018.

Spence, A. Jisc Research Data Shared Service (RDSS) pilot project: summary of key issues from preservation tool testing. [Key Findings]


Watson, I. Technology Challenges of Small and Large Scale Biorefineries [Keynote]. Sustainable Biomass Processing and Conversion (SUSPIRE), Universidad de Piura, Peru, 11-14 Jun 2018.

Williams, C. , Morrison, J. , McConnachie, A. , Mcclay, C.-A., Matthews, L. and Haig, C. A randomised controlled trial of a community based group guided self-help intervention for low mood and stress. [Key Findings]

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