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Campbell, L., Maldonado, A., Pierce, E. and Russell, A., (Eds.) Creating Material Worlds: Theorising Identity in Archaeology. Unpublished. (Unpublished)

Aad, G. et al. Search for new phenomena in final states with an energetic jet and large missing transverse momentum in pp collisions at s√=8 TeV with the ATLAS detectorwith the ATLAS detector.

Adrián-Martínez, S. et al. A first search for coincident gravitational waves and high energy neutrinos using LIGO, Virgo and ANTARES data from 2007.

Aspinall-O'Dea, M., Pierce, A., Pellicano, F., Williamson, A. J., Scott, M. T., Walker, M. J., Holyoake, T. L., and Whetton, A. D. Antibody-based detection of protein phosphorylation status to track the efficacy of novel therapies using nanogram protein quantities from stem cells and cell lines. Nature Protocols, 10(1), pp. 149-168. (PMID:25521791)

Carrick, D. et al. Prognostic significance of infarct core pathology in ST-elevation myocardial infarction survivors revealed by quantitative T2-weighted cardiac magnetic resonance. Journal of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance, 17(Sup 1), O54. (doi:10.1186/1532-429X-17-S1-O54) (PMCID:PMC4328590)

Clague, J. British Catholics and Family Morality: The times they are a-changin’. [Website]

Comes, P., Cucurella, S., and Granados Sanchez, J. ALTERIS: Educació ciutadana, materials didàctics multimèdia. [Website]

Cornella, J. El plurilingüisme en la literatura catalana. [Website]

Culik, J. Debating Europe: have living standards in Eastern Europe decreased after communism? [Website]

Faithfull, J., and Stark, M. Search the Hunterian Collections. [Website]

Fisk, A. Patchwork: on perseverance, the aesthetics of nostalgia, and reckless knitting. [Website]

Iwagaki, N., Ganley, R. P., Dickie, A., Polgar, E., Hughes, D. I., Del Rio, P., Revina, Y., Watanabe, M., and Todd, A. A combined electrophysiological and morphological study of NPY-expressing inhibitory interneurons in the spinal dorsal horn of the mouse. Pain, (Accepted for Publication)

Kerr, G. Peter Rice: Performing Instability. [Website]

MacCoinnich, A. F.A. Macdonald, Missions to the Gaels. Reformation and Counter Reformation in Ulster and the Highlands and Islands of Scotland, 1560-1760. History Scotland, 6(6), pp. 54-56. [Book Review]

MacCoinnich, A. Sgeul na Gàidhlig aig Oilthigh Ghlaschu = [The Gaelic Story at the University of Glasgow]. [Website]

McCutcheon, V., Barr, M., and McHugh, A. Engage Project: Key Findings. [Key Findings]

Niedzwiedz, C. L., Pell, J. P., and Mitchell, R. The relationship between financial distress and life-course socioeconomic inequalities in well-being: cross-national analysis of European Welfare States. American Journal of Public Health, e1-e9. (doi:10.2105/ajph.2015.302722) (PMID:26270289) (Early Online Publication)

Qiu, L., Sim, B.L., Fong, A.C.M., Kaleem, F., Tan, S.L., and Quay, C. Switching between applications of an electronic device. Motorola Technical Developments, 38, pp. 129-130.

Quince, C. et al. Extensive modulation of the fecal metagenome in children with Crohn’s Disease during exclusive enteral nutrition. American Journal of Gastroenterology, (doi:10.1038/ajg.2015.357) (PMID:26526081) (Early Online Publication)

Reid, S., and McOmish, D. Bridging the Continental Divide. [Website]

Rennie, S. Boswell's Scottish Dictionary. [Website]

Rennie, S. Lol or pulchritudinous: which words do children really use in their writing? [Website]

Ridge-Newman, A. Big Brother 2015’s Tory Prime Minister Hopeful and Inverted Celebrity Politics in Britain. [Website]

Robertson, B. Madrigirls: the past ten years. [Website]

Robertson-Kirkland, B. E. Rise to fame: training an 18th-century singer. [Website]

Seaman, R., Mitchell, R., Dundas, R., Leyland, A.H., and Popham, F. How much of the difference in life expectancy between Scottish cities does deprivation explain? BMC Public Health, 15, 1057. (doi:10.1186/s12889-015-2358-1) (PMID:26474578) (PMCID:PMC4608116)

Selman, C., and Withers, D. Hematopoietic stem cell function is preserved during aging in long-lived S6K1 mutant mice. Aging Cell, (Accepted for Publication)

Shepard, A. Minding their own business: married women and credit in early eighteenth-century London. Transactions of the Royal Historical Society, (Accepted for Publication)

Sime, D., Fassetta, G., and McClung, M. Children On the Margins: A study on Roma children’s Engagement with Schooling and Other Services in Glasgow. Project Report. University of Strathclyde, Glasgow.

Stevenson, O. Suicidal journeys: attempted suicide as geographies of intended death. Social and Cultural Geography, (Accepted for Publication)

Tuckett, S. Reassessing the romance: tartan as a popular commodity, c.1770-1830. Scottish Historical Review, (Accepted for Publication)

Valeriano, B. Cyber won’t protect us: the need to stand behind the Iranian nuclear framework agreement. [Website]

Valeriano, B. Despite What the Cyber Skeptics Say, North Korea is Behind is Behind the Sony Hack. [Website]

Valeriano, B. Five questions (and answers) about North Korea and the Sony hack. [Website]

Valeriano, B. To avoid militarizing the internet, cyberspace needs written rules agreed by all. [Website]

Valeriano, B. Why are there so few Latinos on the U.S. soccer team? [Website]

Valeriano, B., and Maness, R. Putin's strategy has weakened Russia. [Website]

Valeriano, B., and Maness, R. C. Russia – perhaps more restrained and less powerful than you think? [Website]

White, C., Scanlon, T. J., and Brown, R. E. The Permeability of Ablative Materials Under Rarefied Gas Conditions. Journal of Spacecraft and Rockets, (Accepted for Publication)

Williams, C., Morrison, J., McConnachie, A., Mcclay, C.-A., Matthews, L., and Haig, C. A randomised controlled trial of a community based group guided self-help intervention for low mood and stress. [Key Findings]

Wilson, M. R., and Quinn, T. Quality and predictors of anticoagulant control with vitamin K antagonist for stroke prevention in atrial fibrillation. Journal of the American Heart Association, (Accepted for Publication)

Younger, P., and Anderson, K. Fracking - a price worth paying? [Website]

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