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Akinniyi, J. A., Connolly, J. D., Rycroft, D. S., Sondengam, B. L. and Ifeadike, N. P. (1980) Tetranortriterpenoids and related compounds. Part 25. Two 3,4-secotirucallane derivatives and 2′-hydroxyrohitukin from the bark of Guarea cedrata (Meliaceae). Canadian Journal of Chemistry = Journal canadien de chimie, 58(17), pp. 1865-1868. (doi: 10.1139/v80-294)

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Book Sections

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Book Reviews

Robinson, J.C. (1980) Review of Keats, Skepticism and the Religion of Beauty by Ronald Sharp. Wordsworth Circle, 11, pp. 179-180. [Book Review]

Edited Books

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Research Reports or Papers

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Conference or Workshop Item

Gibson, M.E. (1980) Nervous Diseases, Their Causes and Cures: The Case of the Woman Artist. National Conference on American Women in the Arts 1880-1980, Pittsburgh PA, USA, 1980.

Conference Proceedings

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