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Johnson, B. (Ed.) (1976) Culture and Domination. Series: Working papers in cultural studies. Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies. ISBN 9780000497994

Atwood, M. and Gibson, M. E. (1976) A conversation with Margaret Atwood. Chicago Review, 27(4), pp. 105-113. (doi: 10.2307/25303482)

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Bryce, G.W., Foord, T.R., Murray-Smith, D.J. and Agnew, P.W. (1976) Hybrid simulation of water turbine governors. In: Crosbie, R.E. and Hay, J.L. (eds.) Toward Real-Time Simulation. Series: Simulation Councils proceedings series (6). Society for Computer Simulation: La Jolla, CA, USA, pp. 35-44.

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Cameron, M.A.S. and Jones, R.E. (1976) A note on the identification of fresco material from the British campaigns at Palaikastro 1902-1906. Annual of the British School at Athens, 71, pp. 15-19.

Catling, H.W. and Jones, R.E. (1976) Sellopoulo Tomb 4: some analyses. Annual of the British School at Athens, 71, pp. 21-23.

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Coles, J. A. and Brown, J. E. (1976) Effects of increased intracellular pH-buffering capacity on the light response of Limulus ventral photoreceptor. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta: Biomembranes, 436(1), pp. 140-153. (doi: 10.1016/0005-2736(76)90226-1)

Conway, D.I. , Read, M.D., Bauer, C. and Martin, R.H. (1976) Neonatal jaundice: a comparison between intravenous oxytocin and oral prostaglandin E2. Journal of International Medical Research, 4(4), pp. 241-246. (doi: 10.1177/030006057600400406) (PMID:1026549)

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Cross, R. J., Manojlović-Muir, L., Muir, K. W., Rycroft, D. S., Sharp, D. W.A., Solomun, T. and Torrens Miguel, H. (1976) Platinum(II) complexes of chelating polyfluoroalkyldithioethanes. X-Ray structure of one isomer of 1,2-bis(trifluoromethylthio)propane-(dichloro)platinum. Journal of the Chemical Society: Chemical Communications, 1976(8), pp. 291-292. (doi: 10.1039/C39760000291)

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Greer, W., Jordan, M.M., Murray-Smith, D.J. and Pack, A.I. (1976) Investigation of respiratory controller function based on simulation studies. In: IEE Colloquium on Physiological Aspects of Biological Control Systems, London, UK, 18 Mar 1976, 5/1-5/1.

Hancock, E.G. (1976) A list of zoological collections of note in Bolton Museum. Biology Curators' Group Newsletter, 1(3), pp. 2-11.

Hancock, E.G., Howell, A.C. and Torrens, H.S. (1976) Geological collections and collectors of note in Bolton Museum. Geological Curators' Group Newsletter, 1(7), pp. 323-335.

Heald, D. (1976) Making Devolution Work. Series: A Young Fabian pamphlet, 43. Fabian Society: London. ISBN 9780716320432

Hood, N. and Young, S. (1976) U.S. investment in Scotland: aspects of the branch factory syndrome. Scottish Journal of Political Economy, 23(3), pp. 279-294. (doi: 10.1111/j.1467-9485.1976.tb00781.x)

Konvitz, J. (1976) Biography: the missing form in French historical studies. European Studies Review, 6(1), pp. 9-20. (doi: 10.1177/026569147600600102)

Love, J. and Disney, R.J. (1976) The Lome convention: a study of its likely benefits with special reference to Ethiopia. Journal of Economic Studies, 3(2), pp. 95-116. (doi: 10.1108/eb008065)

Macintyre, S. (1976) Single and Pregnant. Croom Helm: London.

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Moretto, L.G., Cauvin, B., Glässel, P., Jared, R., Russo, P., Sventek, J. and Wozniak, G. (1976) Diffusive phenomena in the charge and angular distributions for the reaction ^{197}Au + 620-MeV ^{86}Kr. Physical Review Letters, 36(18), pp. 1069-1072. (doi: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.36.1069)

Moretto, L.G. and Sventek, J.S. (1976) Diffusive Phenomena Reflected in the Charge and Angular Distributions of N, Ne, Ar, Kr Induced Reactions. [Master Equation, Probability Distribution, Diffusion, Charge and Angular Distributions, Deep Inelastic Scattering]. Technical Report. University of California, Berkeley, CA, USA.

Moulin, H. (1976) Cooperation in mixed equilibrium. Mathematics of Operations Research, 1(3), pp. 273-286.

Moulin, H. (1976) Extensions of two person zero sum games. Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, 55(2), pp. 490-507.

Nimmo, H.G. and Sloane, L. Z. (1976) Separation of glycogen synthase kinase 2 from casein kinase. Biochemical Society Transactions, 4(6), pp. 1024-1027. (doi: 10.1042/bst0041024) (PMID:191307)

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Nimmo, H. G. , Proud, C. G. and Cohen, P. (1976) The purification and properties of rabbit skeletal muscle glycogen synthase. European Journal of Biochemistry, 68(1), pp. 21-30. (doi: 10.1111/j.1432-1033.1976.tb10761.x) (PMID:823021)

Parker, L. D. (1976) The accountant's stake in the struggle for corporate power. Accountancy, 87(1000), pp. 44-47.

Parker, L. D. (1976) Accounting and people. Accountancy Ireland, 8(2), pp. 27-29.

Parker, L. D. (1976) Goal congruence: a misguided accounting concept. Abacus, 12(1), pp. 3-13. (doi: 10.1111/j.1467-6281.1976.tb00283.x)

Parker, L. D. (1976) Social accounting: don't wait for it. Accountant's Magazine, 80(836), pp. 50-52.

Parker, L. D. (1976) Unrealism in management accounting. Certified Accountant, 68(2), pp. 103-108.

Paterson, R. (1976) The Sweeney: a Euston Films product. Screen Education(20),

Robinson, J.C. (1976) Dante's Paradiso and Keats' 'Ode to a Nigtingale'. Keats-Shelley Journal, 25, pp. 13-15.

Robinson, J.C. (1976) Keats' 'Morbidity of Temperament'. Notes and Queries, pp. 453-454.

Robinson, J.C. (1976) Review of Nature and Culture in the Iliad by James Redfield. Classical Journal, 72, pp. 184-186. [Book Review]

Robinson, J.C. (1976) The role of comparison in Homeric thought. Rocky Mountain Review of Language and Literature, 30, pp. 181-204.

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White, S. (1976) Anti-Bolshevik control officers and British foreign policy 1918-1920. Co-Existence, 13(2), pp. 144-156.

White, S. (1976) Colonial revolution and the Communist International 1919-1924. Co-Existence, 40(2), pp. 173-193.

Whyte, W. , Vesley, D. and Hodgson, R. (1976) Bacterial dispersion in relation to operating room clothing. Journal of Hygiene, 76(3), pp. 367-378. (doi: 10.1017/s0022172400055297) (PMID:778258) (PMCID:PMC2129678)

Young, S. and Hood, N. (1976) The geographical expansion of U.S. firms in Western Europe: some survey evidence. Journal of Common Market Studies, 14(3), pp. 223-239. (doi: 10.1111/j.1468-5965.1976.tb00933.x)

Young, S. and Hood, N. (1976) Perspectives on the European marketing strategy of US multinationals. European Journal of Marketing, 10(5), pp. 240-256. (doi: 10.1108/EUM0000000005049)

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