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Krauth, S. J. , Balen, J., Gobert, G. N. and Lamberton, P. H.L. (2019) A call for systems epidemiology to tackle the complexity of schistosomiasis, its control, and elimination. Tropical Medicine and Infectious Disease, 4(1), 21. (doi: 10.3390/tropicalmed4010021) (PMID:30699922) (PMCID:PMC6473336)

Adriko, M., Faust, C. L. , Carruthers, L. V. , Moses, A., Tukahebwa, E. M. and Lamberton, P. H.L. (2018) Low praziquantel treatment coverage for Schistosoma mansoni in Mayuge District, Uganda due to the absence of treatment opportunities, rather than systematic non-compliance. Tropical Medicine and Infectious Disease, 3(4), 111. (doi: 10.3390/tropicalmed3040111) (PMID:30297642) (PMCID:PMC6306755)

Viana, M. , Faust, C. L. , Haydon, D. T. , Webster, J. P. and Lamberton, P. H.L. (2018) The effects of subcurative praziquantel treatment on life-history traits and trade-offs in drug-resistant Schistosoma mansoni. Evolutionary Applications, 11(4), pp. 488-500. (doi: 10.1111/eva.12558) (PMID:29636801) (PMCID:PMC5891057)

Jourdan, P. M., Lamberton, P. H.L. , Fenwick, A. and Addiss, D. G. (2018) Soil-transmitted helminth infections. Lancet, 391(10117), pp. 252-265. (doi: 10.1016/S0140-6736(17)31930-X) (PMID:28882382)

Prada, J. M., Touloupou, P., Adriko, M., Tukahebwa, E. M., Lamberton, P. H.L. and Hollingsworth, T. D. (2018) Understanding the relationship between egg and antigen based diagnostics of Schistosoma mansoni infection pre- and post-treatment in Uganda. Parasites and Vectors, 11(1), 21. (doi: 10.1186/s13071-017-2580-z) (PMID:29310695) (PMCID:PMC5759883)

Lamberton, P. H.L. , Faust, C. L. and Webster, J. P. (2017) Praziquantel decreases fecundity in Schistosoma mansoni adult worms that survive treatment: evidence from a laboratory life-history trade-offs selection study. Infectious Diseases of Poverty, 6, 110. (doi: 10.1186/s40249-017-0324-0) (PMID:28622767) (PMCID:PMC5472905)

Lamberton, P. H.L. et al. (2016) Onchocerciasis transmission in Ghana: the human blood index of sibling species of the Simulium damnosum complex. Parasites and Vectors, 9, 432. (doi: 10.1186/s13071-016-1703-2) (PMID:27494934) (PMCID:PMC4975878)

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