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Kamenos, N. A. , Burdett, H. L., Aloisi, E., Findlay, H. S., Martin, S., Longbone, C., Dunn, J., Widdicombe, S. and Calosi, P. (2013) Coralline algal structure is more sensitive to rate, rather than the magnitude, of ocean acidification. Global Change Biology, 19(12), pp. 3621-3628. (doi: 10.1111/gcb.12351)

Foster, M. S., Filho, G. M. A., Kamenos, N. A. , Riosmena-Rodriguez, R. and Steller, D. L. (2013) Rhodoliths and rhodolith beds. In: Lang, M. A., Marinelli, R. L., Roberts, S. J. and Taylor, P. R. (eds.) Research and Discoveries: The Revolution of Science Through SCUBA. Series: Smithsonian contributions to the marine sciences number (39). Smithsonian Institution Scholarly Press: Washington, D.C., pp. 143-155. (doi: 10.5479/si.1943667X.39)

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