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Mangion, K. et al. (2023) Post-COVID-19 illness and associations with sex and gender. BMC Cardiovascular Disorders, 23, 389. (doi: 10.1186/s12872-023-03412-7) (PMID:37553628) (PMCID:PMC10408208)

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Armstrong, S. , Barkas, B., Casey, R. , Cornish, N., Gormley, C. , McNeill, F. and Schinkel, M. (2022) Prisoner experiences of Covid-19 Restrictions in Scotland during 2020. Working Paper. University of Glasgow.

McCreath, G., Whitfield, P. D. , Roe, A. J. , Watson, M. J. and Sim, M. A.B. (2021) A Metabolomics approach for the diagnosis Of SecondAry InfeCtions in COVID-19 (MOSAIC): a study protocol. BMC Infectious Diseases, 21, 1204. (doi: 10.1186/s12879-021-06832-y)

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Mangion, K. et al. (2020) The Chief Scientist Office cardiovascular and pulmonary imaging in SARS Coronavirus disease-19 (CISCO-19) study. Cardiovascular Research, 116(14), pp. 2185-2196. (doi: 10.1093/cvr/cvaa209) (PMID:32702087) (PMCID:PMC7454350)

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