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Li, W., Cariello, M. , Méndez, M., Cooke, G. and Palomares, E. (2023) Self-assembled molecules for hole-selective electrodes in highly stable and efficient inverted perovskite solar cells with ultralow energy loss. ACS Applied Energy Materials, 6(3), pp. 1239-1247. (doi: 10.1021/acsaem.2c02880) (PMID:36817750) (PMCID:PMC9930087)

Dos Santos, J. M., Jagadamma, L. K., Cariello, M. , Samuel, I. D.W. and Cooke, G. (2022) A BODIPY small molecule as hole transporting material for efficient perovskite solar cells. Sustainable Energy and Fuels, 2022(6), pp. 4322-4330. (doi: 10.1039/D2SE00667G)

Cariello, M. , Dietrich, B. , Thomson, L., Gauci, V., Boyer, A. , Sproules, S. , Cooke, G. , Seddon, A. and Adams, D. J. (2022) A self‐assembling flavin for visible photooxidation. Chemistry: A European Journal, 28(49), e202201725. (doi: 10.1002/chem.202201725) (PMID:35722972) (PMCID:PMC9541220)

dos Santos, J. M., Jagadamma, L. K., Cameron, J. , Wiles, A. W. , Wilson, C. , Skabara, P. J. , Samuel, I. D.W. and Cooke, G. (2021) New thiophene-based conjugated macrocycles for optoelectronic applications. Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 9(45), pp. 16257-16271. (doi: 10.1039/D1TC02002A)

dos Santos, J. M., Tanaka, E., Wiles, A. A. , Cooke, G. and Robertson, N. (2021) Donor-free oligothiophene based dyes with di-anchor architecture for dye-sensitized solar cells. Molecular Systems Design and Engineering, 6(5), pp. 381-389. (doi: 10.1039/D1ME00009H)

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