Measurement of the neutron F_{2} structure function via spectator tagging with CLAS

Baillie, N. et al. (2012) Measurement of the neutron F_{2} structure function via spectator tagging with CLAS. Physical Review Letters, 108(14), (doi: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.108.142001)

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We report on the first measurement of the F2 structure function of the neutron from the semi-inclusive scattering of electrons from deuterium, with low-momentum protons detected in the backward hemisphere. Restricting the momentum of the spectator protons to ≲100  MeV/c and their angles to ≳100° relative to the momentum transfer allows an interpretation of the process in terms of scattering from nearly on-shell neutrons. The Fn2 data collected cover the nucleon-resonance and deep-inelastic regions over a wide range of Bjorken x for 0.65<Q2<4.52  GeV2, with uncertainties from nuclear corrections estimated to be less than a few percent. These measurements provide the first determination of the neutron to proton structure function ratio Fn2/Fp2 at 0.2≲x≲0.8 with little uncertainty due to nuclear effects.

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Glasgow Author(s) Enlighten ID:Sokhan, Dr Daria and Fegan, Mr Stuart and Protopopescu, Dr Dan and MacGregor, Professor Douglas and McKinnon, Dr Bryan and Livingston, Dr Kenneth and Ireland, Professor David
Authors: Baillie, N., Tkachenko, S., Zhang, J., Bosted, P., Bültmann, S., Christy, M. E., Fenker, H., Griffioen, K. A., Keppel, C. E., Kuhn, S. E., Melnitchouk, W., Tvaskis, V., Adhikari, K. P., Adikaram, D., Aghasyan, M., Amaryan, M. J., Anghinolfi, M., Arrington, J., Avakian, H., Baghdasaryan, H., Battaglieri, M., Biselli, A. S., Branford, D., Briscoe, W. J., Brooks, W. K., Burkert, V. D., Carman, D. S., Celentano, A., Chandavar, S., Charles, G., Cole, P. L., Contalbrigo, M., Crede, V., D’Angelo, A., Daniel, A., Dashyan, N., De Vita, R., De Sanctis, E., Deur, A., Dey, B., Djalali, C., Dodge, G., Domingo, J., Doughty, D., Dupre, R., Dutta, D., Ent, R., Egiyan, H., El Alaoui, A., El Fassi, L., Elouadrhiri, L., Eugenio, P., Fedotov, G., Fegan, S., Fradi, A., Gabrielyan, M. Y., Gevorgyan, N., Gilfoyle, G. P., Giovanetti, K. L., Girod, F. X., Gohn, W., Golovatch, E., Gothe, R. W., Graham, L., Guegan, B., Guidal, M., Guler, N., Guo, L., Hafidi, K., Heddle, D., Hicks, K., Holtrop, M., Hungerford, E., Hyde, C. E., Ilieva, Y., Ireland, D.G., Ispiryan, M., Isupov, E. L., Jawalkar, S. S., Jo, H. S., Kalantarians, N., Khandaker, M., Khetarpal, P., Kim, A., Kim, W., King, P. M., Klein, A., Klein, F. J., Klimenko, A., Kubarovsky, V., Kuleshov, S. V., Kvaltine, N. D., Livingston, K., Lu, H. Y., MacGregor, I.J.D., Mao, Y., Markov, N., McKinnon, B., Mineeva, T., Morrison, B., Moutarde, H., Munevar, E., Nadel-Turonski, P., Ni, A., Niccolai, S., Niculescu, I., Niculescu, G., Osipenko, M., Ostrovidov, A. I., Pappalardo, L., Park, K., Park, S., Pasyuk, E., Anefalos Pereira, S., Pisano, S., Pozdniakov, S., Price, J. W., Procureur, S., Prok, Y., Protopopescu, D., Raue, B. A., Ricco, G., Rimal, D., Ripani, M., Rosner, G., Rossi, P., Sabatié, F., Saini, M. S., Salgado, C., Schott, D., Schumacher, R. A., Seder, E., Sharabian, Y. G., Sober, D. I., Sokhan, D., Stepanyan, S., Stepanyan, S. S., Stoler, P., Strauch, S., Taiuti, M., Tang, W., Ungaro, M., Vineyard, M. F., Voutier, E., Watts, D. P., Weinstein, L. B., Weygand, D. P., Wood, M. H., Zana, L., and Zhao, B.
Subjects:Q Science > QC Physics
College/School:College of Science and Engineering > School of Physics and Astronomy
Journal Name:Physical Review Letters
ISSN (Online):1079-7114

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