Search for active neutrino disappearance using neutral-current interactions in the MINOS long-baseline experiment

Adamson, P. et al. (2008) Search for active neutrino disappearance using neutral-current interactions in the MINOS long-baseline experiment. Physical Review Letters, 101(22), 221804. (doi: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.101.221804)

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We report the first detailed comparisons of the rates and spectra of neutral-current neutrino interactions at two widely separated locations. A depletion in the rate at the far site would indicate mixing between ν μ and a sterile particle. No anomalous depletion in the reconstructed energy spectrum is observed. Assuming oscillations occur at a single mass-squared splitting, a fit to the neutral- and charged-current energy spectra limits the fraction of ν μ oscillating to a sterile neutrino to be below 0.68 at 90% confidence level. A less stringent limit due to a possible contribution to the measured neutral-current event rate at the far site from ν e appearance at the current experimental limit is also presented.

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Authors: Adamson, P., Andreopoulos, C., Arms, K. E., Armstrong, R., Auty, D. J., Ayres, D. S., Backhouse, C., Baller, B., Barr, G., Barrett, W. L., Becker, B. R., Belias, A., Bernstein, R. H., Bhattacharya, D., Bishai, M., Blake, A., Bock, G. J., Boehm, J., Boehnlein, D. J., Bogert, D., Bower, C., Buckley-Geer, E., Cavanaugh, S., Chapman, J. D., Cherdack, D., Childress, S., Choudhary, B. C., Cobb, J. H., Coleman, S. J., Culling, A. J., de Jong, J. K., Dierckxsens, M., Diwan, M. V., Dorman, M., Dytman, S. A., Escobar, C. O., Evans, J. J., Falk Harris, E., Feldman, G. J., Frohne, M. V., Gallagher, H. R., Godley, A., Goodman, M. C., Gouffon, P., Gran, R., Grashorn, E. W., Grossman, N., Grzelak, K., Habig, A., Harris, D., Harris, P. G., Hartnell, J., Hatcher, R., Heller, K., Himmel, A., Holin, A., Hsu, L., Hylen, J., Irwin, G. M., Ishitsuka, M., Jaffe, D. E., James, C., Jensen, D., Kafka, T., Kasahara, S. M. S., Kim, J. J., Kim, M. S., Koizumi, G., Kopp, S., Kordosky, M., Koskinen, D. J., Kotelnikov, S. K., Kreymer, A., Kumaratunga, S., Lang, K., Ling, J., Litchfield, P. J., Litchfield, R. P., Loiacono, L., Lucas, P., Ma, J., Mann, W. A., Marchionni, A., Marshak, M. L., Marshall, J. S., Mayer, N., McGowan, A. M., Meier, J. R., Messier, M. D., Metelko, C. J., Michael, D. G., Miller, W. H., Mishra, S. R., Moore, C. D., Morfín, J., Mualem, L., Mufson, S., Murgia, S., Musser, J., Naples, D., Nelson, J. K., Newman, H. B., Nichol, R. J., Nicholls, T. C., Ochoa-Ricoux, J. P., Oliver, W. P., Ospanov, R., Paley, J., Paolone, V., Para, A., Patzak, T., Pavlović, Ž., Pawloski, G., Pearce, G. F., Peck, C. W., Petyt, D. A., Pittam, R., Plunkett, R. K., Rahaman, A., Rameika, R. A., Raufer, T. M., Rebel, B., Reichenbacher, J., Rodrigues, P. A., Rosenfeld, C., Rubin, H. A., Ryabov, V. A., Sanchez, M. C., Saoulidou, N., Schneps, J., Schreiner, P., Shanahan, P., Smart, W., Smith, C., Sousa, A., Speakman, B., Stamoulis, P., Strait, M., Tagg, N., Talaga, R. L., Tavera, M. A., Thomas, J., Thomson, M. A., Thron, J. L., Tinti, G., Trostin, I., Tsarev, V. A., Tzanakos, G., Urheim, J., Vahle, P., Viren, B., Ward, D. R., Watabe, M., Weber, A., Webb, R. C., Wehmann, A., West, N., White, C., Wojcicki, S. G., Wright, D. M., Yang, T., Zhang, K., and Zwaska, R.
College/School:College of Science and Engineering > School of Physics and Astronomy
Journal Name:Physical Review Letters
Publisher:American Physical Society
ISSN (Online):1079-7114
Published Online:26 November 2008

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