Kinematically complete measurement of the proton structure function F-2 in the resonance region and evaluation of its moments

Osipenko, M. et al. (2003) Kinematically complete measurement of the proton structure function F-2 in the resonance region and evaluation of its moments. Physical Review D, 67(9), art 092001. (doi: 10.1103/PhysRevD.67.092001)

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We measured the inclusive electron-proton cross section in the nucleon resonance region (W lt 2.5 GeV) at momentum transfers Q(2) below 4.5 (GeV/c)(2) with the CLAS detector. The large acceptance of CLAS allowed the measurement of the cross section in a large, contiguous two-dimensional range of Q(2) and x, making it possible to perform an integration of the data at fixed Q(2) over the significant x interval. From these data we extracted the structure function F-2 and, by including other world data, we studied the Q(2) evolution of its moments, M- n(Q(2)), in order to estimate higher twist contributions. The small statistical and systematic uncertainties of the CLAS data allow a precise extraction of the higher twists and will require significant improvements in theoretical predictions if a meaningful comparison with these new experimental results is to be made.

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Glasgow Author(s) Enlighten ID:Livingston, Dr Kenneth and Protopopescu, Dr Dan and Kellie, Dr James
Authors: Osipenko, M., Ricco, G., Taiuti, M., Ripani, M., Simula, S., Adams, G., Anciant, E., Anghinolfi, M., Asavapibhop, B., Audit, G., Auger, T., Avakian, H., Bagdasaryan, H., Ball, J.P., Barrow, S., Battaglieri, M., Beard, K., Bektasoglu, M., Bianchi, N., Biselli, A.S., Boiarinov, S., Bosted, P., Bouchigny, S., Bradford, R., Branford, D., Briscoe, W.J., Brooks, W.K., Burkert, V.D., Calarco, J.R., Carman, D.S., Carnahan, B., Cazes, A., Cetina, C., Ciciani, L., Clark, R., Cole, P.L., Coleman, A., Cords, D., Corvisiero, P., Crabb, D., Crannell, H., Cummings, J.P., De Sanctis, E., Degtyarenko, P.V., Denizli, H., Dennis, L., De Vita, R., Dharmawardane, K.V., Djalali, C., Dodge, G.E., Domingo, J.J., Doughty, D., Dragovitsch, P., Dugger, M., Dytman, S., Eckhause, M., Egiyan, H., Egiyan, K.S., Elouadrhiri, L., Empl, A., Fatemi, R., Fedotov, G., Feuerbach, R.J., Ficenec, J., Forest, T.A., Funsten, H., Gaff, S.J., Gai, M., Gavalian, G., Gilad, S., Gilfoyle, G.P., Giovanetti, K.L., Girard, P., Griffioen, K., Golovatch, E., Gordon, C.I.O., Guidal, M., Guillo, M., Guo, L., Gyurjyan, V., Hadjidakis, C., Hardie, J., Heddle, D., Hersman, F.W., Hicks, K., Hicks, R.S., Holtrop, M., Hu, J., Hyde-Wright, C.E., Ishkhanov, B.S., Ito, M.M., Jenkins, D., Joo, K., Kelley, J.H., Kellie, J.D., Khandaker, M., Kim, D.H., Kim, K.Y., Kim, K., Kim, M.S., Kim, W., Klein, A., Klein, F.J., Klimenko, A.V., Klusman, M., Kossov, M., Kramer, L.H., Kuang, Y., Kuhn, S.E., Kuhn, J., Lachniet, J., Laget, J.M., Lawrence, D., Li, J., Livingston, K., Lukashin, K., Manak, J.J., Marchand, C., McAleer, S., McCarthy, J., McNabb, J.W.C., Mecking, B.A., Mehrabyan, S., Mestayer, M.D., Meyer, C.A., Mikhailov, K., Minehart, R., Mirazita, M., Miskimen, R., Mokeev, V., Morand, L., Morrow, S.A., Muccifora, V., Mueller, J., Murphy, L.Y., Mutchler, G.S., Napolitano, J., Nasseripour, R., Nelson, S.O., Niccolai, S., Niculescu, G., Niculescu, I., Niczyporuk, B.B., Niyazov, R.A., Nozar, M., O'Rielly, G.V., Opper, A.K., Park, K., Paschke, K., Pasyuk, E., Peterson, G., Philips, S.A., Pivnyuk, N., Pocanic, D., Pogorelko, O., Polli, E., Pozdniakov, S., Preedom, B.M., Price, J.W., Prok, Y., Protopopescu, D., Qin, L.M., Raue, B.A., Riccardi, G., Ritchie, B.G., Ronchetti, F., Rossi, P., Rowntree, D., Rubin, P.D., Sabatie, F., Sabourov, K., Salgado, C., Santoro, J.P., Sapunenko, V., Sargsyan, M., Schumacher, R.A., Serov, V.S., Sharabian, Y.G., Shaw, J., Simionatto, S., Skabelin, A.V., Smith, E.S., Smith, L.C., Sober, D.I., Spraker, M., Stavinsky, A., Stepanyan, S., Stoler, P., Taylor, S., Tedeschi, D.J., Thoma, U., Thompson, R., Todor, L., Tur, C., Ungaro, M., Vineyard, M.F., Vlassov, A.V., Wang, K., Weinstein, L.B., Weller, H., Weygand, D.P., Whisnant, C.S., Wolin, E., Wood, M.H., Yegneswaran, A., Yun, J., Zhang, B., Zhao, J., and Zhou, Z.
Subjects:Q Science > QC Physics
College/School:College of Science and Engineering > School of Physics and Astronomy
Journal Name:Physical Review D
Publisher:American Physical Society
ISSN (Online):1089-4918

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