A study of strange particle production in νμ charged current interactions in the NOMAD experiment

Astier, P. et al. (2002) A study of strange particle production in νμ charged current interactions in the NOMAD experiment. Nuclear Physics B, 621(1-2), pp. 3-34. (doi: 10.1016/S0550-3213(01)00584-3)

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A study of strange particle production in nu(mu) charged cur- rent interactions has been performed using the data from the NOMAD experiment. Yields of neutral strange particles (K-S(0), Lambda, (Λ) over bar) have been measured. Mean multiplicities are reported as a function of the event kinematic variables E-nu W-2 and Q(2) as well as of the variables describing particle behaviour within a hadronic jet: x(F), z and p(T)(2). Decays of resonances and heavy hyperons with identified K, and A in the final state have been analyzed. Clear signals corresponding to K*+/-, Sigma(*+/-), Xi(-) and Sigma(0) have been observed.

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Authors: Astier, P., Autiero, D., Baldisseri, A., Baldo-Ceolin, M., Banner, M., Bassompierre, G., Benslama, K., Besson, N., Bird, I., Blumenfeld, B., Bobisut, F., Bouchez, J., Boyd, S., Bueno, A., Bunyatov, S., Camilleri, L., Cardini, A., Cattaneo, P.W., Cavasinni, V., Cervera-Villanueva, A., Challis, R., Chukanov, A., Collazuol, G., Conforto, G., Conta, C., Contalbrigo, M., Cousins, R., Daniels, D., Degaudenzi, H., Del Prete, T., De Santo, A., Dignan, T., Di Lella, L., Silva, E.D.C.E., Dumarchez, J., Ellis, M., Fazio, T., Feldman, G.J., Ferrari, R., Ferrere, D., Flaminio, V., Fraternali, M., Gaillard, J.M., Gangler, E., Geiser, A., Geppert, D., Gibin, D., Gninenko, S., Godley, A., Gomez-Cadenas, J.J., Gosset, J., Gossling, C., Gouanere, M., Grant, A., Graziani, G., Guglielmi, A., Hagner, C., Hernando, J., Hubbard, D., Hurst, P., Hyett, N., Iacopini, E., Joseph, C., Juget, F., Kent, N., Kirsanov, M., Klimov, O., Kokkonen, J., Kovzelev, A., Krasnoperov, A., kustov, D., Kuznetsov, V., Lacaprara, S., Lachaud, C., Lakic, B., Lanza, A., La Rotonda, L., Laveder, M., Letessier-Selvon, A., Levy, J.M., Linssen, L., Ljubicic, A., Long, J., Lupi, A., Marchionni, A., Martelli, F., Mechain, X., Mendiburu, J.P., Meyer, J.P., Mezzetto, M., Mishra, S.R., Moorhead, G.F., Naumov, D., Nedelec, P., Nefedov, Y., Nguyen-Mau, C., Orestano, D., Pastore, F., Peak, L.S., Pennacchio, E., Pessard, H., Petti, R., Placci, A., Polesello, G., Pollmann, D., Polyarush, A., Popov, B., Poulsen, C., Rico, J., Riemann, P., Roda, C., Rubbia, A., Salvatore, F.X., Schahmaneche, K., Schmidt, B., Schmidt, T., Sevior, M., Sillou, D., Soler, F.J.P., Sozzi, G., Steele, D., Stiegler, U., Stipcevic, M., Stolarczyk, T., Tareb-Reyes, M., Taylor, G.N., Tereshchenko, V., Toropin, A., Touchard, A.M., Tovey, S.N., Tran, M.T., Tsesmelis, E., Ulrichs, J., Vacavant, L., Valdata-Nappi, M., Valuev, V., Vannucci, F., Varvell, K.E., Veltri, M., Vercesi, V., Vidal-Sitjes, G., Vieira, J.M., Vinogradova, T., Weber, F.V., Weisse, T., Wilson, F.F., Winton, L.J., Yabsley, B.D., Zaccone, H., Zuber, K., and Zuccon, P.
Subjects:Q Science > QC Physics
College/School:College of Science and Engineering > School of Physics and Astronomy
Journal Name:Nuclear Physics B

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