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Adamson, F. B. and Tsourapas, G. (2022) Greece and Turkey: from state-building and developmentalism to immigration and crisis management. In: Hollifield, J. F., Martin, P. L., Orrenius, P. M. and Héran, F. (eds.) Controlling Immigration: A Comparative Perspective. Fourth Edition. Stanford University Press: Palo Alto, CA. ISBN 9781503631380 (In Press)

Archibald, D. (2022) Returning to Comrades. In: Watts, A. and Wickham, P. (eds.) Bill Douglas - A Film Artist. University of Exeter Press: Exeter. (In Press)

Archibald, D. (2022) Tracking Loach. Edinburgh University Press: Edinburgh. ISBN 9781474442114 (In Press)


Birch, J. (2022) Narrating the Origins of the Quest: The Historical Jesus in Early Modern Cultural Complexity. Lexington Books/Fortress Academic: Minneapolis. (In Press)

Buckley, C., Field, M., Vu, T. M., Brennan, A., Greenfield, T. K., Meier, P. S. , Nielsen, A., Probst, C., Shuper, P. A. and Purshouse, R. C. (2022) An integrated dual process simulation model of alcohol use behaviours in individuals, with application to US population-level consumption, 1984-2012. Addictive Behaviors, 124, 107094. (doi: 10.1016/j.addbeh.2021.107094)


Carter, J. A. (2022) Bi-Level Virtue Epistemology: A Defence. Series: Epistemology Elements. Cambridge University Press. (Accepted for Publication)

Carter, J. A. (2022) Trust as performance. Philosophical Issues, (Accepted for Publication)

Chen, X.-Y., Blockley, S. P.E., Staff, R. A. , Xu, Y.-G. and Menzies, M. A. (2022) Improved age estimates for Holocene Ko-g and Ma-f~j tephras in northern Japan using Bayesian statistical modelling. Quaternary Geochronology, 67, 101229. (doi: 10.1016/j.quageo.2021.101229)

Colom-Montero, G. (2022) Contemporary Majorcan culture and the transnational tourist gaze: colonial dynamics, cultural identity and spatial dispossession. In: Miguélez-Carballeira, H. (ed.) Towards a Postcolonial Spain? Framing Violence, National Conflict and Colonialities in Contemporary Spain. University of Wales Press: Cardiff. (Accepted for Publication)


Dunkley, R. A. (2022) Engaging local small to medium enterprises with environmental sustainability. In: Jensen, E. (ed.) From Conservation Education to Public Engagement: Research, Principles and Practice. Cambridge University Press. ISBN 9781107629462 (In Press)


Goldoni, M. (2022) The material study of the constitutional order. In: Kyritsis, D. and Larkin, S. (eds.) The Methodology of Constitutional Theory. Bloomsbury: London. ISBN 9781509933853 (In Press)

Guyan, K. (2022) Queer Data: Using Gender, Sex and Sexuality Data for Action. Series: Bloomsbury studies in digital cultures. Bloomsbury Academic: London. ISBN 9781350230736 (In Press)


Jackson, P. and Mulligan, W. (2022) The crisis of power politics. In: Jackson, P., Mulligan, W. and Sluga, G. (eds.) Peacemaking and International Order after World War I. Cambridge University Press: Cambridge. (In Press)

Jackson, P. , Mulligan, W. and Sluga, G. (2022) Introduction. In: Jackson, P., Mulligan, W. and Sluga, G. (eds.) Peacemaking and International Order after World War I. Cambridge University Press: Cambridge. (In Press)

Jess-Cooke, C. (2022) The Shining Ones. HarperCollins. (Accepted for Publication)

Jessee, E. (2022) On the Margins: Role Shifting in Atrocity. In: Holá, B., Brehm, H. N. and Weerdesteijn, M. (eds.) The Oxford Handbook of Atrocity Crimes. Oxford University Press: Oxford. ISBN 9780190915629 (Accepted for Publication)


Kao, R. W.Y. and Kao, R. R. (2022) Residual: A Sub-Distributive System for the Market Economy. World Scientific Publishing: Hershey, PA. ISBN 9789814304511 (doi:10.1142/7723)

Katelouzou, D. and Sergakis, K. (2022) Shareholder stewardship enforcement. In: Katelouzou, D. and Puchniak, D. (eds.) Global Shareholder Stewardship: Regulating the Rise of Institutional Investors. Cambridge University Press. (Accepted for Publication)

Kerr, G. (2022) Charles Baudelaire, Les Fleurs du mal. In: Tambling, J. (ed.) The Palgrave Encyclopedia of Urban Literary Studies. Palgrave Macmillan: Cham. ISBN 9783319625928 (Accepted for Publication)

Kostrytsia, A., Papirio, S., Khodzhaev, M., Morrison, L., Collins, G., Lens, P. N.L., Ijaz, U. Z. and Esposito, G. (2022) Biofilm carrier type affects biogenic sulfur-driven denitrification performance and microbial community dynamics in moving-bed biofilm reactors. Chemosphere, 287(Part 1), 131975. (doi: 10.1016/j.chemosphere.2021.131975)


Larsen, K., Ernst, J., Thomassen, O. J. and Robinson, S. (2022) In the midst of a storm: forging future paths for Bourdieu inspired Organizational and Management Studies. In: Robinson, S., Ernst, J., Larsen, K. and Thomassen, O. J. (eds.) Pierre Bourdieu in Studies of Organization and Management: Societal Change and Transforming Fields. Routledge. ISBN 9780367893354 (In Press)


MacNeil, I. and Esser, I.-M. (2022) The emergence of ‘comply or explain’ as a global model for corporate governance codes. European Business Law Review, (Accepted for Publication)

Marzal, T. (2022) From world actor to local community: territoriality and the scope of application of EU law. In: Azoulai, L. (ed.) European Union Law and Forms of Life: Madness or Malaise? Hart. ISBN 9781509929573 (In Press)

McClure, J. (2022) Poverty and race. In: Terpstra, N. (ed.) The Cultural History of Poverty. Bloomsbury. (Accepted for Publication)

McClure, J. (2022) The Rights of the Poor: taking the long view. In: Walton, C. and Jensen, S. (eds.) Social Rights and the Politics of Obligation in History. Cambridge University Press. (In Press)


Radford, A. (2022) Labour isn't working. In: Cambridge History of Georgic Literature. Cambridge University Press: Cambridge. (Accepted for Publication)

Rasulov, A. (2022) International legal universalism: A reactionary ideology of disciplinary self-aggrandizement. In: d’Aspremont, J. (ed.) International Law and Universality. Oxford University Press. (In Press)

Robertson-Kirkland, B. E. (2022) Venanzio Rauzzini and the Birth of a New Style in English Singing. Routledge. ISBN 9780367443375 (In Press)

Robinson, S. , Ernst, J., Thomassen, O. J. and Larsen, K. (2022) Introduction: Taking Bourdieu further into studies of Organizations and Management. In: Robinson, S., Ernst, J., Larsen, K. and Thomassen, O. J. (eds.) Pierre Bourdieu in Studies of Organization and Management: Societal Change and Transforming Fields. Routledge. ISBN 9780367893354 (In Press)

Romano, A. (2022) The European Community and Eastern Europe in the long 1970s: Challenging the Cold War order in Europe. Series: Cold War history. Routledge: London. ISBN 9780415730129 (In Press)


Steel, C. (2022) Rhetoric and Roman Political Culture. In: Arena, V. and Prag, J. (eds.) A Companion to Roman Political Culture. Series: Blackwell Companions to the Ancient World. Wiley-Blackwell: Hoboken, NJ; Chichester.. ISBN 9781444339659 hbk, 9781119673712 pbk, 9781119673651 ePDF, 9781119673590 oBook, 9781119673675 epub (In Press)

Strickland, D. H. (2022) Antisemitism in medieval art. In: Katz, S. (ed.) The Cambridge Companion to Antisemitism. Series: Cambridge companions to religion. Cambridge University Press. ISBN 9781108494403 (In Press)


Tsourapas, G. (2022) The illiberal paradox and the politics of migration in the Middle East. In: Hollifield, J. F. and Foley, N. (eds.) Understanding Global Migration. Stanford University Press: Palo Alto, CA. ISBN 9781503614772 (In Press)


Van Puyvelde, D. (2022) The academic-practitioner relationship in France: from strangers to partners. In: Rubén Arcos, R., Drumhiller, N. and Phythian, M. (eds.) The Academic-Practitioner Divide in Intelligence Studies. Rowman and Littlefield: Lanham, MD. (Accepted for Publication)


Zhu, X., Xu, Z., You, S. , Komárek, M., Alessi, D. S., Yuan, X., Palansooriya, K. N., Ok, Y. S. and Tsang, D. C.W. (2022) Machine learning exploration of the direct and indirect roles of Fe impregnation on Cr(VI) removal by engineered biochar. Chemical Engineering Journal, 428, 131967. (doi: 10.1016/j.cej.2021.131967)

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