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Bache, R.A., Gray, W.M., and Murray-Smith, D.J. (1981) Time-domain system identification applied to noninvasive estimation of cardiopulmonary quantities. IEE Proceedings: Control Theory and Applications, 128(2), pp. 56-64. (doi:10.1049/ip-d:19810010)

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Book Sections

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Book Reviews

Gibson, M. E. (1981) Review of Charlotte Perkins Gilman: The Making of a Radical Feminist, 1860-1896 by Mary A. Hill; Olive Schreiner: Feminism on the Frontier by Joyce Avrech Berkman. Signs, 6(4), pp. 753-757. [Book Review]

Robinson, J.C. (1981) Review of The Borderers by William Wordsworth, Robert Osborn (ed.). Wordsworth Circle, 12, [Book Review]

Conference or Workshop Item

Gibson, M.E. (1981) Rules and Roles:'Being Good' in the Fiction of Elizabeth Stuart Phelps. Southeastern American Academy of Religion, Atlanta, GA, USA, 1981.

Conference Proceedings

Downie, I.C., and Murray-Smith, D.J. (1981) Simulation of systems involving pulse frequency modulation with special reference to modelling of muscle spindle receptors. In: United Kingdom Simulation Council Conference on Computer Simulation, Harrogate, UK, 1981, pp. 143-152.

Murray-Smith, D.J. (1981) The role of system identification and modelling techniques in the study of muscle spindles. In: Colloquium on Neuromuscular Control Systems, London, UK, 22 Sep 1981, 1.1-1.2.

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