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Milligan, R. J., Spence, G., Roberts, J. M. and Bailey, D. (2016) Fish communities associated with cold-water corals vary with depth and substratum type. Deep-Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers, 114, pp. 43-54. (doi: 10.1016/j.dsr.2016.04.011)

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Robertson, G. S., Bolton, M. and Monaghan, P. (2015) Parental resource allocation among offspring varies with increasing brood age in Black-legged Kittiwakes Rissa tridactyla. Bird Study, 62(3), pp. 303-314. (doi: 10.1080/00063657.2015.1040370)

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Robertson, G.S., Bolton, M., Grecian, W.J., Wilson, L.J., Davies, W. and Monaghan, P. (2014) Resource partitioning in three congeneric sympatrically breeding seabirds: foraging areas and prey utilization. Auk, 131(3), pp. 434-446. (doi: 10.1642/AUK-13-243.1)

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