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McGonigal, R. , Barrie, J.A., Yao, D., McLaughlin, M. , Cunningham, M.E. , Rowan, E.G. and Willison, H.J. (2019) Glial sulfatides and neuronal complex gangliosides are functionally interdependent in maintaining myelinating axon integrity. Journal of Neuroscience, 39(1), pp. 63-77. (doi: 10.1523/JNEUROSCI.2095-18.2018) (PMID:30446529) (PMCID:PMC6325269)

Meehan, G. R. , McGonigal, R. , Cunningham, M. E. , Wang, Y., Barrie, J. A., Halstead, S. K., Gourlay, D., Yao, D. and Willison, H. J. (2018) Differential binding patterns of anti-sulfatide antibodies to glial membranes. Journal of Neuroimmunology, 323, pp. 28-35. (doi: 10.1016/j.jneuroim.2018.07.004) (PMID:30196830) (PMCID:PMC6134133)

Cumberworth, S. L. et al. (2017) Zika virus tropism and interactions in myelinating neural cell cultures: CNS cells and myelin are preferentially affected. Acta Neuropathologica Communications, 5, 50. (doi: 10.1186/s40478-017-0450-8) (PMID:28645311) (PMCID:PMC5481922)

Clark, A. J., Kaller, M. S., Galino, J., Willison, H. J. , Rinaldi, S. and Bennett, D. L.H. (2017) Co-cultures with stem cell-derived human sensory neurons reveal regulators of peripheral myelination. Brain, 140(4), pp. 898-913. (doi: 10.1093/brain/awx012) (PMID:28334857) (PMCID:PMC5637940)

Cunningham, M. , McGonigal, R. , Meehan, G. R. , Barrie, J. A., Yao, D., Halstead, S. K. and Willison, H. J. (2016) Anti-ganglioside antibodies are removed from circulation in mice by neuronal endocytosis. Brain, 139(6), pp. 1657-1665. (doi: 10.1093/brain/aww056) (PMID:27017187) (PMCID:PMC4892750)

Cao-Lormeau, V.-M. et al. (2016) Guillain-Barré Syndrome outbreak associated with Zika virus infection in French Polynesia: a case-control study. Lancet, 387(10027), pp. 1531-1539. (doi: 10.1016/s0140-6736(16)00562-6) (PMID:26948433) (PMCID:PMC5444521)

Martini, R. and Willison, H. (2016) Neuroinflammation in the peripheral nerve: Cause, modulator, or bystander in peripheral neuropathies? Glia, 64(4), pp. 475-486. (doi: 10.1002/glia.22899) (PMID:26250643) (PMCID:PMC4832258)

McGonigal, R. , Cunningham, M. E. , Yao, D., Barrie, J. A., Sankaranarayanan, S., Fewou, S. N., Furukawa, K., Yednock, T. A. and Willison, H. J. (2016) C1q-targeted inhibition of the classical complement pathway prevents injury in a novel mouse model of acute motor axonal neuropathy. Acta Neuropathologica Communications, 4, 23. (doi: 10.1186/s40478-016-0291-x) (PMID:26936605) (PMCID:PMC4776408)

Yao, D. et al. (2014) Neuronal expression of galnac transferase is sufficient to prevent the age-related neurodegenerative phenotype of complex ganglioside-deficient mice. Journal of Neuroscience, 34(3), pp. 880-891. (doi: 10.1523/JNEUROSCI.3996-13.2014)

Reindl, M. et al. (2013) Antibodies to heteromeric glycolipid complexes in Guillain-Barré syndrome. PLoS ONE, 8(12), e82337. (doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0082337) (PMID:24358172) (PMCID:PMC3864991)

Rupp, A., Cunningham, M. E. , Yao, D., Furukawa, K. and Willison, H. J. (2013) The effects of age and ganglioside composition on the rate of motor nerve terminal regeneration following antibody-mediated injury in mice. Synapse, 67(7), pp. 382-389. (doi: 10.1002/syn.21648) (PMID:23401234) (PMCID:PMC4495252)

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