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Odena, O. and Scharf, J. (2022) Music education in Northern Ireland: a process to achieve social inclusion through segregated education? International Journal of Music Education, (doi: 10.1177/02557614221075835) (Early Online Publication)

Moskal, M. , Odena, O. , Arizpe, E. , Gormally, S. , Pacheco, E.-M. , Dagar, P. and Aldegheri, E. (2021) Education, Culture and Learning in Response to Conflict and Protracted Crisis. Comparative and International Education Society (CIES) 65th Annual Conference, Seattle, WA, 25-29 Apr 2021.

Odena, O. (2020) Developing Multiculturally-Sensitive Music Student Teachers through Collaborative Enquiry during School Placements in Glasgow. ECER 2020, Glasgow, UK, 25-28 Sep 2020 [Event cancelled]. (Unpublished)

Odena, O. (2020) El papel de la creatividad musical en proyectos intercomunitarios. In: Murillo, A., Tejada, J., Riaño, M.E., Berbel, N. and Morant, R. (eds.) Escuelas Creadoras: Escuelas del Cambio. El arte como herramienta de transformación [Creative Schools: Changing Schools. The art as transformative tool – original in Spanish]. EdictOràlia: València, Spain, pp. 113-139. ISBN 9788412002386

Odena, O. , Rodríguez-Sánchez, A., Zapata-Restrepo, G., Cabedo-Mas, A., Figueiredo, S., González-Moreno, P. A., Pinto, M. E. and Valiente, O. (2019) Developing a Framework for the Study of Performing Arts Programs for Other-than-artistic Purposes in Conflict Settings. In: 4th SIMM-posium, Bogotá, Colombia, 26-27 Jul 2019,

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