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Jesuthasan, A., Zhyzhneuskaya, S., Peters, C., Barnes, A. C., Hollingsworth, K. G., Sattar, N. , Lean, M. E.J. , Taylor, R. and Al-Mrabeh, A. H. (2022) Sex differences in intraorgan fat levels and hepatic lipid metabolism: implications for cardiovascular health and remission of type 2 diabetes after dietary weight loss. Diabetologia, 65(1), pp. 226-233. (doi: 10.1007/s00125-021-05583-4) (PMID:34657182)

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Rehackova, L. et al. (2021) Participant experiences in the Diabetes REmission Clinical Trial (DiRECT). Diabetic Medicine, (doi: 10.1111/dme.14689) (PMID:34519099) (Early Online Publication)

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Thom, G. et al. (2021) Weight loss induced increase in fasting ghrelin concentration is a predictor of weight regain: evidence from the Diabetes Remission Clinical Trial. Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism, 23(3), pp. 711-719. (doi: 10.1111/dom.14274) (PMID:33369058)

Lean, M. , McCombie, L. and Xin, Y. (2020) Forget polypharmacy for type 2 diabetes! Weight management is a better investment. Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation, (doi: 10.1093/ndt/gfaa250) (PMID:33263751) (Early Online Publication)

Al-Mrabeh, A., Hollingsworth, K. G., Shaw, J. A.M., McConnachie, A. , Sattar, N. , Lean, M. E.J. and Taylor, R. (2020) 2-year remission of type 2 diabetes and pancreas morphology: a post-hoc analysis of the DiRECT open-label, cluster-randomised trial. Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology, 8(12), pp. 939-948. (doi: 10.1016/S2213-8587(20)30303-X) (PMID:33031736)

Zhyzhneuskaya, S. V., Al-Mrabeh, A., Peters, C., Barnes, A., Aribisala, B., Hollingsworth, K. G., McConnachie, A. , Sattar, N. , Lean, M. E.J. and Taylor, R. (2020) Time course of normalization of functional β-cell capacity in the Diabetes Remission Clinical Trial after weight loss in type 2 diabetes. Diabetes Care, 43(4), pp. 813-820. (doi: 10.2337/dc19-0371) (PMID:32060017)

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