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Archibald, B. , Maier, P., Stewart, R. and Trinder, P. (2020) YewPar: Skeletons for Exact Combinatorial Search. In: 25th ACM SIGPLAN Symposium on Principles and Practice of Parallel Programming Proceedings, San Diego, CA, USA, 22-26 Feb 2020, pp. 292-307. ISBN 9781450368186 (doi:10.1145/3332466.3374537)

Archibald, B. , Shieh, M.-Z., Hu, Y.-H., Sevegnani, M. and Lin, Y.-B. (2020) BigraphTalk: verified design of IoT applications. IEEE Internet of Things Journal, (doi: 10.1109/JIOT.2020.2964026) (Early Online Publication)

Linker, S. and Sevegnani, M. (2019) Target counting with Presburger constraints and its application in sensor networks. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London Series A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences, 475, 20190278. (doi: 10.1098/rspa.2019.0278)

Kavanagh, W. J. , Miller, A. , Norman, G. and Andrei, O. (2019) Balancing turn-based games with chained strategy generation. IEEE Transactions on Games, (doi: 10.1109/TG.2019.2943227) (Early Online Publication)

Archibald, B. , Dunlop, F., Hoffmann, R., McCreesh, C. , Prosser, P. and Trimble, J. (2019) Sequential and parallel solution-biased search for subgraph algorithms. In: 16th International Conference on Integration of Constraint Programming, Artificial Intelligence and Operations Research (CPAIOR 2019), Thessaloniki, Greece, 4-7 June 2019, pp. 20-38. ISBN 9783030192112 (doi:10.1007/978-3-030-19212-9_2)

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