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Sabines-Chesterking, J., McMillan, A. R., Moreau, P. A. , Joshi, S. K., Knauer, S., Johnston, E., Rarity, J. G. and Matthews, J. C. F. (2019) Twin-beam sub-shot-noise raster-scanning microscope. Optics Express, 27(21), pp. 30810-30818. (doi:10.1364/OE.27.030810) (PMID:31684324)

Kirdoda, J. , Dumas, D. C.S., Kuzmenko, K., Vines, P., Greener, Z. M., Millar, R. W., Mirza, M. M. , Buller, G. S. and Paul, D. J. (2019) Geiger Mode Ge-on-Si Single-Photon Avalanche Diode Detectors. In: 2019 IEEE 16th International Conference on Group IV Photonics (GFP), Singapore, 28-30 Aug 2019, ISBN 9781728109053 (doi:10.1109/GROUP4.2019.8853918)

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