Probing the repulsive core of the nucleon-nucleon interaction via the 4He(e,e′pN) triple-coincidence reaction

Korover, I. et al. (2014) Probing the repulsive core of the nucleon-nucleon interaction via the 4He(e,e′pN) triple-coincidence reaction. Physical Review Letters, 113(2), 022501. (doi: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.113.022501)

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We studied simultaneously the <sup>4</sup>He(e,e′p<sup>4</sup>He(e,e′pp), and <sup>4</sup>He(e,e′p n) reactions at Q<sup>2</sup>=2(GeV/c)<sup>2</sup> and xB>1, for an (e,e′p) missing-momentum range of 400 to 830  MeV/c. The knocked-out proton was detected in coincidence with a proton or neutron recoiling almost back to back to the missing momentum, leaving the residual A=2system at low excitation energy. These data were used to identify two-nucleon short-range correlated pairs and to deduce their isospin structure as a function of missing momentum, in a region where the nucleon-nucleon (NN) force is expected to change from predominantly tensor to repulsive. The abundance of neutron-proton pairs is reduced as the nucleon momentum increases beyond ∼500  MeV/c. The extracted fraction of proton-proton pairs is small and almost independent of the missing momentum. Our data are compared with calculations of two-nucleon momentum distributions in <sup>4</sup>He and discussed in the context of probing the elusive repulsive component of the <i>NN</i> force.

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Authors: Korover, I., Muangma, N., Hen, O., Shneor, R., Sulkosky, V., Kelleher, A., Gilad, S., Higinbotham, D.W., Piasetzky, E., Watson, J.W., Wood, S.A., Aguilera, P., Ahmed, Z., Albataineh, H., Allada, K., Anderson, B., Anez, D., Aniol, K., Annand, J., Armstrong, W., Arrington, J., Averett, T., Badman, T., Baghdasaryan, H., Bai, X., Beck, A., Beck, S., Bellini, V., Benmokhtar, F., Bertozzi, W., Bittner, J., Boeglin, W., Camsonne, A., Chen, C., Chen, J.-P., Chirapatpimol, K., Cisbani, E., Dalton, M.M., Daniel, A., Day, D., de Jager, C.W., De Leo, R., Deconinck, W., Defurne, M., Flay, D., Fomin, N., Friend, M., Frullani, S., Fuchey, E., Garibaldi, F., Gaskell, D., Gilman, R., Glamazdin, O., Gu, C., Gueye, P., Hamilton, D., Hanretty, C., Hansen, J.-O., Hashemi Shabestari, M., Holmstrom, T., Huang, M., Iqbal, S., Jin, G., Kalantarians, N., Kang, H., Khandaker, M., LeRose, J., Leckey, J., Lindgren, R., Long, E., Mammei, J., Margaziotis, D.J., Markowitz, P., Marti Jimenez-Arguello, A., Meekins, D., Meziani, Z., Michaels, R., Mihovilovic, M., Monaghan, P., Munoz Camacho, C., Norum, B., Nuruzzaman, , Pan, K., Phillips, S., Pomerantz, I., Posik, M., Punjabi, V., Qian, X., Qiang, Y., Qiu, X., Rakhman, A., Reimer, P.E., Riordan, S., Ron, G., Rondon-Aramayo, O., Saha, A., Schulte, E., Selvy, L., Shahinyan, A., Sirca, S., Sjoegren, J., Slifer, K., Solvignon, P., Sparveris, N., Subedi, R., Tireman, W., Wang, D., Weinstein, L.B., Wojtsekhowski, B., Yan, W., Yaron, I., Ye, Z., Zhan, X., Zhang, J., Zhang, Y., Zhao, B., Zhao, Z., Zheng, X., Zhu, P., and Zielinski, R.
College/School:College of Science and Engineering > School of Physics and Astronomy
Journal Name:Physical Review Letters
Publisher:American Physical Society
ISSN (Online):1079-7114

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