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Measurement of the B semileptonic branching fraction with lepton tags

Barish, B. et al. (1996) Measurement of the B semileptonic branching fraction with lepton tags. Physical Review Letters, 76(10), pp. 1570-1574. (doi:10.1103/PhysRevLett.76.1570)

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We have used the CLEO II detector and 2.06fb-1 of ϒ(4S) data to measure the B-meson semileptonic branching fraction. The B→Xeν momentum spectrum was obtained over nearly the full momentum range by using charge and kinematic correlations in events with a high-momentum lepton tag and an additional electron. We find B(B→Xeν) = (10.49±0.17±0.43)%, with overall systematic uncertainties less than those of untagged single-lepton measurements. We use this result to calculate the magnitude of the Cabibbo-Kobayashi-Maskawa matrix element Vcb and to set an upper limit on the fraction of ϒ(4S) decays to final states other than BB̅.

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Authors: Barish, B., Chadha, M., Chan, S., Eigen, G., Miller, J., O'Grady, C., Urheim, J., Weinstein, A., Würthwein, F., Asner, D., Athanas, M., Bliss, D., Brower, W., Masek, G., Paar, H., Gronberg, J., Korte, C., Kutschke, R., Menary, S., Morrison, R., Nakanishi, S., Nelson, H., Nelson, T., Qiao, C., Richman, J., Roberts, D., Ryd, A., Tajima, H., Witherell, M., Balest, R., Cho, K., Ford, W., Lohner, M., Park, H., Rankin, P., Smith, J., Alexander, J., Bebek, C., Berger, B., Berkelman, K., Bloom, K., Browder, T., Cassel, D., Cho, H., Coffman, D., Crowcroft, D., Dickson, M., Drell, P., Dumas, D., Ehrlich, R., Elia, R., Gaidarev, P., Gittelman, B., Gray, S., Hartill, D., Heltsley, B., Henderson, S., Jones, C., Jones, S., Kandaswamy, J., Katayama, N., Kim, P., Kreinick, D., Lee, T., Liu, Y., Ludwig, G., Masui, J., Mevissen, J., Mistry, N., Ng, C., Nordberg, E., Patterson, J., Peterson, D., Riley, D., Soffer, A., Avery, P., Freyberger, A., Lingel, K., Prescott, C., Rodriguez, J., Yang, S., Yelton, J., Brandenburg, G., Cinabro, D., Liu, T., Saulnier, M., Wilson, R., Yamamoto, H., Bergfeld, T., Eisenstein, B., Ernst, J., Gladding, G., Gollin, G., Palmer, M., Selen, M., Thaler, J., Edwards, K., McLean, K., Ogg, M., Bellerive, A., Britton, D., Hyatt, E., Janicek, R., MacFarlane, D., Patel, P., Spaan, B., Sadoff, A., Ammar, R., Baringer, P., Bean, A., Besson, D., Coppage, D., Copty, N., Davis, R., Hancock, N., Kotov, S., Kravchenko, I., Kwak, N., Kubota, Y., Lattery, M., Nelson, J., Patton, S., Poling, R., Riehle, T., Savinov, V., Wang, R., Alam, M., Kim, I., Ling, Z., Mahmood, A., O'Neill, J., Severini, H., Sun, C., Timm, S., Wappler, F., Duboscq, J., Fulton, R., Fujino, D., Gan, K., Honscheid, K., Kagan, H., Kass, R., Lee, J., Sung, M., White, C., Wolf, A., Zoeller, M., Fu, X., Nemati, B., Ross, W., Skubic, P., Wood, M., Bishai, M., Fast, J., Gerndt, E., Hinson, J., Miao, T., Miller, D., Modesitt, M., Shibata, E., Shipsey, I., Wang, P., Gibbons, L., Johnson, S., Kwon, Y., Roberts, S., Thorndike, E., Coan, T., Dominick, J., Fadeyev, V., Korolkov, I., Lambrecht, M., Sanghera, S., Shelkov, V., Skwarnicki, T., Stroynowski, R., Volobouev, I., Wei, G., Artuso, M., Gao, M., Goldberg, M., He, D., Horwitz, N., Kopp, S., Moneti, G., Mountain, R., Muheim, F., Mukhin, Y., Playfer, S., Stone, S., Xing, X., Bartelt, J., Csorna, S., Jain, V., Marka, S., Gibaut, D., Kinoshita, K., Pomianowski, P., and Schrenk, S.
College/School:College of Science and Engineering > School of Physics and Astronomy
Journal Name:Physical Review Letters
Publisher:American Physical Society

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