Engineering for the ATLAS SemiConductor Tracker (SCT) end-cap

Abdesselam, A. et al. (2008) Engineering for the ATLAS SemiConductor Tracker (SCT) end-cap. Journal of Instrumentation, 3, P05002. (doi: 10.1088/1748-0221/3/05/P05002)

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The ATLAS SemiConductor Tracker (SCT) is a silicon-strip tracking detector which forms part of the ATLAS inner detector. The SCT is designed to track charged particles produced in proton-proton collisions at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN at an energy of 14 TeV. The tracker is made up of a central barrel and two identical end-caps. The barrel contains 2112 silicon modules, while each end-cap contains 988 modules. The overall tracking performance depends not only on the intrinsic measurement precision of the modules but also on the characteristics of the whole assembly, in particular, the stability and the total material budget. This paper describes the engineering design and construction of the SCT end-caps, which are required to support mechanically the silicon modules, supply services to them and provide a suitable environment within the inner detector. Critical engineering choices are highlighted and innovative solutions are presented – these will be of interest to other builders of large-scale tracking detectors. The SCT end-caps will be fully connected at the start of 2008. Further commissioning will continue, to be ready for proton-proton collision data in 2008.

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Glasgow Author(s) Enlighten ID:Robson, Professor Aidan and O'Shea, Professor Val and Doherty, Mr Frederick and Eklund, Prof Lars and Buttar, Professor Craig and D'Auria, Dr Saverio and Smith, Professor Kenway and Cheplakov, Dr Alexander and Bates, Dr Richard and Bell, Dr William
Authors: Abdesselam, A., Allport, P., Anderson, B., Andricek, L., Anghinolfi, F., Apsimon, R., Atkinson, T., Austin, A., Band, H., Barclay, P., Barr, A., Batchelor, L., Bates, R., Batley, J., Beck, G., Becker, H., Bell, P., Bell, W., Belymam, A., Benes, J., Benes, P., Berbee, E., Bernabeu, J., Bethke, S., Bingefors, N., Bizzell, J., Blaszczak, Z., Blocki, J., Broz, J., Bohm, J., Brenner, R., Brodbeck, T., de Renstrom, P., Buis, R., Burton, G., Buskop, J., Buttar, C., Butterworth, J., Butterworth, S., Capocci, E., Carpentieri, C., Carter, A., Carter, J., Chamizo, M., Charlton, D., Cheplakov, A., Chilingarov, A., Chouridou, S., Chren, D., Chu, M., Cindro, V., Ciocio, A., Civera, J., Clark, A., Coe, P., Colijn, A., Cooke, P., Costa, M., Costanzo, D., Curtis-Rous, M., Dabinett, C., Dabrowski, W., Dalmau, J., Danielsen, K., D'Auria, S., Dawson, I., de Jong, P., Dervan, P., Dobson, E., Doherty, F., Dolezal, Z., Donega, M., D'Onofrio, M., Dorholt, O., Doubrava, M., Duerdoth, I., Duisters, C., Duxfield, R., Dwuznik, M., Eckert, S., Eklund, L., Escobar, C., Evans, D., Fadeyev, V., Fasching, D., Feld, L., Ferguson, D., Ferrari, P., Ferrere, D., Fopma, J., Ford, P., Fortin, R., Foster, J., Fox, H., Fraser, T., Freestone, J., French, R., Fuster, J., Gallop, B., Galuska, M., Gannaway, F., Garcia, C., Garcia-Navarro, J., Gibson, M., Gibson, S., Gnanvo, K., Godlewski, J., Gonzalez, F., Gonzalez-Sevilla, S., Goodrick, M., Gorfine, G., Gorisek, A., Gornicki, E., Greenall, A., Greenfield, D., Gregory, S., Grillo, A., Grosse-Knetter, J., Gryska, C., Haddad, L., Hara, K., Harris, M., Hartjes, F., Hauff, D., Hawes, B., Hayler, T., Haywood, S., Heinemann, F., Heinzinger, K., Hessey, N., Heusch, C., Hicheur, A., Hill, J., Hodgkinson, M., Hodgson, P., Hollins, T., Holt, R., Homna, J., Horaziovsky, T., Howell, D., Hughes, G., Huse, T., Ibbotson, M., Ikegami, Y., Ilyashenko, I., Issever, C., Jakubek, J., Jackson, J., Jakobs, K., Jared, R., Jarron, P., Johansson, P., John, D., Jones, A., Jones, M., Jones, T., Joos, D., Joseph, J., Jovanovic, P., Jusko, J., Jusko, O., Kaplon, J., Karagoz-Unel, M., Ketterer, C., Kodys, P., Koffeman, E., Kohout, Z., Kohriki, T., Kok, H., Kondo, T., Koperny, S., Korporaal, A., Koukol, V., Kral, V., Kramberger, G., Kubik, P., Kudlaty, J., Kuilman, W., Kundu, N., Lacasta, C., Lacuesta, V., Lau, W., Lee, S., Leguyt, R., Leney, K., Lenz, S., Lester, C., Liang, Z., Liebicher, K., Limper, M., Lindquist, L., Lindsay, S., Linhart, V., Lintern, A., Locket, C., Lockwood, M., Loebinger, F., Lozano, M., Ludwig, I., Ludwig, J., Lutz, G., Maassen, M., Macina, D., Macpherson, A., MacWaters, C., Magrath, C., Malecki, P., Mandic, I., Mangin-Brinet, M., Marshall, G., Marti-Garcia, S., Martinez-McKinney, G., Matheson, J., McEwan, F., McMahon, S., McPhail, D., Meinhardt, J., Mellado, B., Mercer, I., Messmer, I., Mikulec, B., Mikuz, M., Mima, S., Mistry, K., Mitra, A., Mitsou, V., Modesto, P., Moed, S., Mohn, B., Moles, R., Moorhead, G., Moreno, B., Morin, J., Morris, J., Moser, H., Moszczynski, A., Muijs, A., Munneke, B., Murray, W., Muskett, D., Nacher, J., Nagai, K., Naito, D., Nakano, I., Nelson, C., Nichols, A., Nickerson, R., Nisius, R., Noviss, J., Olcese, M., O'Shea, V., Oye, O., Paganis, S., Palmer, M., Parker, M., Parzefall, U., Pater, J., Pernegger, H., Perrin, E., Phillips, A., Phillips, P., Pieron, J., Poltorak, K., Pospisil, S., Postranecky, M., Pritchard, T., Prokofiev, K., Raine, C., Ratoff, P., Reitmeijer, A., Reznicek, P., Richter, R., Robichaud-Veronneau, A., Robinson, D., Robson, A., Rodriguez-Oliete, R., Roe, S., Rolfe, G., Rovenkamp, J., Runge, K., Saavedra, A., Sadrozinski, H., Sanchez, F., Sandaker, H., Schieck, J., Schuijlenburg, H., Siegrist, J., Seiden, A., Sfyrla, A., Simm, G., Slatter, J., Slavieek, T., Smith, B., Smith, K., Smith, N., Snippe, C., Snow, S., Solar, M., Solberg, A., Sopko, B., Sopko, V., Sospedra, L., Southern, G., Sowinski, M., Spencer, E., Spieler, H., Stanecka, E., Stapnes, S., Stastny, J., Steckl, I., Stodulski, M., Strachko, V., Stradling, A., Stugu, B., Sutcliffe, P., Szczygiel, R., Takashima, R., Tanaka, R., Tappern, G., Tarrant, J., Taylor, G., Temple, S., Teng, P., Terada, S., Thompson, R., Thresher, N., Titov, M., Tovey, D., Tratzl, G., Tricoli, A., Turala, M., Turner, P., Tyndel, M., Ullan, M., Unno, Y., Vickey, T., Vacek, V., Van der Kraaij, E., Van Ovenbeek, M., Viehhauser, G., Vu, C., Villani, E., Anh, T., Vossebeld, J., Wachler, M., Wallny, R., Ward, C., Warren, M., Wastie, R., Weber, M., Weidberg, A., Weilhammer, P., Wells, P., Werneke, P., Wetzel, P., White, M., Wiesmann, M., Wilmut, I., Wilson, J., Wolter, M., Wormald, M., Wu, S., Wu, X., Zimmer, J., Zseneii, A., and Zhu, H.
College/School:College of Science and Engineering > School of Physics and Astronomy
Journal Name:Journal of Instrumentation
Publisher:IOP Publishing

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